healthy-diet-plansAs many of us already know, a healthy diet can keep us away from all those diseases and conditions. A variety of raw, fresh vegetables and fruits are a usual part of a “healthy diet”. But, they can also be the best prevention and potential cure for the increasingly prevalent cancers, depending on what stage the cancer has reached and your digestion. Many foods – of course the majority being fruits and vegetables – have been proven in many scientific studies to not only prevent the development but also destroy cancer cells.

If you want to steer clear of cancer or already have it, lessen the processed food in your diet and add a bunch of produce.

shutterstock_herbs-crop2-jpg-824x0_q71_crop-scaleHerbs and spices. Fresh vegetable salads are usually better with herbs and spices. Garlic, oregano, cloves, cayenne and jalapeno peppers, cinnamon and ginger can help fight cancer. They all contain unique compounds that can either interfere with tumor growth or cause death in some cancerous cells. The more of these herbs, spices and vegetables you combine, the greater the effect. Turmeric and black pepper together are also effective. They should be together because the problem with turmeric is that its active ingredient, curcumin – the cancer-fighter, is not easily absorbed by the body… but black pepper can help you absorb more.

vitamins-and-minerals-supplements-for-dogsSupplements, vitamins and minerals. Though food can provide us with the vitamins and minerals that can help prevent cancer, it is almost always not enough since mass production can reduce the nutrients the produce contain. Supplements carry higher concentrations of the specific vitamins and minerals that we need. The said supplements are recommended to be food-based nutrition powder from a reliable and trustworthy source. Examples would oregano and clove oils, goldenseal, barberry, astralagus, red clover, skullcap and even jalapeno. The specific vitamins that can help prevent cancer are A and E, which display antioxidant properties. They get rid of free radicals in the body that usually cause cancer. Speaking of minerals, though selenium is not an antioxidant, it is an essential component of various selenium-based proteins and DNA repair proteins that can help fix the mutated DNA.

Did you know? The wormwood plant, usually used to treat parasites, can actually help fight breast cancer. It has a derivative called artemisinin that turns deadly when in contact with iron and since breast cancer cells have high levels of iron… Well.

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